Protecting Your Interests After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are over in a flash. They can send you into a state of shock. It is easy to run on autopilot and forget to take important steps after an accident. Small mistakes can end up costing you insurance coverage or even the loss of a personal injury claim. Take the following steps to ensure the best compensation possible to cover accident damages.

Take These Five Important Steps After A Car Accident

1. Trade information and call the police

It is important to call the police if there has been significant damage or injury. Trade license plate numbers, driver's license information and insurance information with the other parties involved in the accident. Do not overly apologize or admit fault in these delicate situations before consultation with an attorney.

2. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible

The shock of an accident can cause adrenaline to fill your system. Even if an injury is not immediately obvious, it may manifest hours or even days later. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible to mitigate further injury and to get independent documentation for your injuries.

3. Take pictures of the accident damage

The best evidence possible is recorded with a camera. Document all the damage to your vehicle with pictures if possible. Make sure to get medical treatment first if you have been injured in the accident.

4. Write down the details of the accident

You may need to recall the events of the accident months later after you have forgotten the details. Take time to write down the details of the accident including the direction that both vehicles traveled and how the crash happened.

5. Speak with an attorney

Consult a lawyer before you speak with insurance companies. Insurance companies may try to pressure you into giving a statement or into accepting a low settlement. Talk with an attorney, and they can help protect your best interests while communicating with insurance adjusters.

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